NEM® open label human clinical trials

ESM Technologies’ NEM® brand eggshell membrane is a proven ingredient for the joint health market that delivers fast results. Two 30-day open label human clinical trials were conducted to evaluate NEM® (500mg once daily) for supporting joint and connective tissue.

Effect of NEM® on Joint Comfort

The results of the studies showed that supplementation with NEM® produced an average 25% improvement in joint comfort (both Study 1 & Study 2) in just 7 days. By the end of the 30-day trial, patients in Study 1 had an average improvement in comfort of more than 72%.  Patients in Study 2 experienced more moderate relief with an average 30% improvement in comfort at the completion of the trial, however about one-third of them experienced more than 50% improvement in comfort. No side effects were reported by study participants in either trial.

Effect of NEM® on Range of Motion

Supplementation with NEM® also produced an average 28% increase in flexibility in just 7 days for patients in Study 1. Flexibility had improved by an average 44% by the end of the study with more than half of the patients experiencing greater than 50% improvement in flexibility by day 30. NEM® not only improved joint flexibility, it also improved joint comfort in patients while flexing the affected joint in a range of motion (ROM) evaluation. At day 7, patients had 43% less discomfort while flexing, and by day 30, this had improved to 76% less discomfort while flexing. Again, no side effects were reported by study participants.

Supplementation with NEM® produced a significant treatment response at:

  • 7 days for flexibility (27.8% increase, P = 0.038)
  • 30 days for general discomfort (72.5% reduction, P = 0.007)
  • 30 days for flexibility (43.7% increase, P = 0.006)
  • 30 days for ROM-associated discomfort (75.9% reduction, P = 0.021)

Supplementation with NEM® produced a significant treatment response for discomfort at 7 days for both treatment arms.

(X: 18.4% reduction, P = 0.021,    Y: 31.3% reduction, P = 0.014)

There was no clinically meaningful difference between treatment arms at 7 days, so the Y arm crossed over to the X formulation for the remainder of the study.

The significant treatment response continued through 30 days for discomfort. (30.2% reduction,    P = 0.0001)


Clinical Interventions in Aging, (2009) 4:235-240.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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