Interesting Use for Eggshell Membrane – Fabric

Believe it or not, eggshell membrane is found to be beneficial in several other uses besides improving joint comfort and flexibility in a quick 10 days (as with NEM® – an eggshell membrane ingredient).

It is reported that Nissan Motor company has used eggshell membrane as a textile finish on some automobile seats. This is an attempt by Nissan to incorporate more natural materials in its manufacturing process. The powdered membrane is applied to cloth used for seats, head rests, and door trimmings, and creates a very comfortable finish.  (Hall, Kenji . “It’s Great Riding On Eggshells”, Business Week; 7/23/2007, Issue 4043, p 12)

As for other fabric uses for eggshell membrane, you can also find eggshell membrane-embedded fabric used in shoes, panty hose and bedding.

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