NEM® & ESC® Mentioned in Nutritional Outlook’s article “Marketing for the Ages”

Nutritional Outlook’s article “Marketing for the Ages” takes a look at how food and supplement companies are focusing efforts on selling to older adults that want to stay healthy. ESM’s NEM® and ESC® are two clinically proven ingredients that can help support the body’s joint and bone health.

NEM® helps maintain an adult’s joint comfort and flexibility during the body’s natural aging process. NEM is clinically proven to provide effective support in just 7-10 days with only a small, 500mg dose per day.* It contains naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and collagen, which are essential nutrients for maintaining joint health.

ESC® supports bone health, also helping with healthy aging of the skeletal system. It is an ultra pure source of calcium that naturally contains trace minerals and transport proteins which contribute to a high absorption of the calcium.

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