ESM Technologies Featured in Nutraceuticals World magazine

ESM Technologies is featured in Nutraceuticals World article “Minerals: The Next Generation” from their May issue.  The article discusses new applications as well as new technologies in the mineral market.  Minerals are ever-improving in the areas of bioavailability, efficacy and solubility.

Dr. Kevin Ruff of ESM Technologies states in the article, “Since most minerals are mined from the ground, they can be alarmingly high in heavy metal contaminants if not further purified. ESC®  from ESM is one of a select few all-natural (non-mined) mineral sources that is also essentially free of heavy metals. Lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium are tested down to parts per billion (ppb) levels for every lot of ESC that we sell.”

Stratum Nutrition’s global business director, Jeremy Moore also contributed to the article, “It is also important to consider the impact (minerals) will have on performance (i.e., texture, shelf life, solubility, etc.).”  He continues, “Any time we’re talking about foods and beverages, cost in use is going to be a major consideration, and there is certainly an upper limit on how much per serving a company can pay.”

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