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NEM® & ESC®, Good for Joints & Bones… and the Earth!

Today, we celebrate the 45th annual Earth Day! The foundation of our company was built on the principle of sustainability. ESM was developed out of a vision to find the best possible way to use the eggshell in its entirety, and from that, NEM® and ESC® were born. Their story begins in the Midwestern heartland, […]

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Aug 13 Cover Thumb

ESM’s ingredient, ESC® is mentioned in the August issue of Better Nutrition Magazine

ESM’s ultra-pure ESC® (calcium from eggshells) is featured in the August 2013 issue of Better Nutrition Magazine. In their article “75 Super Supplements”, ESC® is listed as their preferred calcium supplement.

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Nut Outlook Oct2012

NEM® & ESC® Mentioned in Nutritional Outlook’s article “Marketing for the Ages”

Nutritional Outlook’s article “Marketing for the Ages” takes a look at how food and supplement companies are focusing efforts on selling to older adults that want to stay healthy. ESM’s NEM® and ESC® are two clinically proven ingredients that can help support the body’s joint and bone health. NEM® helps maintain an adult’s joint comfort […]

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There is an ultra-pure source of calcium that IS Prop-65 compliant… AND it’s from a whole-food source. It is ESC®.

Steer clear of harmful calcium in your quality supplements – choose ESC®.   A Natural Products Insider article published August 2012 discusses the importance of the Prop 65 issue.  The article states, “In 2011, 108 Prop 65 notices on lead were filed, and 172 were submitted during 2010, more than were submitted for dietary supplement […]

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Sherry April 2012

Sherry Torkos Recommends Eggshell Membrane & Eggshell Calcium on News Channel 8 in Washington D.C.

Pharmacist and author, Sherry Torkos, discusses the benefits of eggshell membrane (NEM®) for joint health and eggshell calcium (ESC®) for bone health on News Channel 8 in Washington D.C.  The segment covers items in your kitchen that can benefit your health.

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NO mag 111411 cover

Dr. Kevin Ruff discusses eggshell membrane NEM® in Nutritional Outlook Magazine

NEM® is featured in Nutritional Outlook’s article, “Joint and Bone Health Dietary Supplements”, which reports on the current and new ingredients on the market for joint and bone health.  Kevin Ruff, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs of ESM Technologies discusses NEM® as a natural source of chondroitin, hyaluronic acid (& other glycosaminoglycans) […]

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NEM® and ESC® Recommended on for Anti-Aging

The article Anti-Aging Strategies – 4 Areas to Pay Close Attention To by pharmacist and author, Sherry Torkos, discusses simple steps anyone can take to improve their health and possibly slow the process of aging.  NEM® is mentioned for its effectiveness on joints by benefiting mobility and flexibility.  Torkos also mentions ESC®  as a safe, […]

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ESM Technologies Featured in Nutraceuticals World magazine

ESM Technologies is featured in Nutraceuticals World article “Minerals: The Next Generation” from their May issue.  The article discusses new applications as well as new technologies in the mineral market.  Minerals are ever-improving in the areas of bioavailability, efficacy and solubility. Dr. Kevin Ruff of ESM Technologies states in the article, “Since most minerals are […]

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ESC, Egg with Magnifying Glass

ESC® found to have extreme low levels of heavy metals

ESC® is a whole-food calcium from eggshells which are one of nature’s purest and most absorbable forms of calcium and has been clinically proven to increase bone density. ESC® naturally combines calcium carbonate with inherent transport proteins for maximum absorption and essential trace minerals for increasing bone mineral density. Heavy metals in dietary supplements have […]

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