Quality Commitment


Quality and ESM Technologies® Go Hand-in-Hand.

ESM Technologies is committed to providing safe and effective products to our customers.  We ensure this through years of extensive research and third party verified quality production standards.  NEM® and ESC® pass stringent requirements so our customers can trust in our quality.


Current Good Manufacturing Practices


GRAS Status (Generally Recognized As Safe) – NEM®

NEM® is self-affirmed GRAS following safety and toxicology reviews by an independent expert panel.  This allows NEM’s expansion into the food and beverage industry.  NEM® is approved for use in numerous food and beverage categories such as beverages and beverage bases, fruit and vegetable juices, baked goods, soft candy and snack foods.  The Allowable Daily Intake (ADI) for NEM® is up to 14 grams per day for food use and intake.  Published clinical research on NEM® shows support for joint comfort and flexibility in just 7 to 10 days with only 500mg per day.


California Prop 65 Compliant – ESC®

ESC® was tested down to parts per billion levels for lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.  Findings concluded that ESC® is California Prop 65 compliant in all four heavy metals tested at the full daily value for calcium of 1,000 mg per day.  Lead levels in ESC® were more than 50 times lower than the California Prop 65 standard and more than 1,000 times lower than USP (United States Pharmacopeia) limit for Nutritional Supplements.  The remaining metals of mercury, arsenic and cadmium were 50 to 450 times lower than the California Prop 65 standard levels.  ESC’s enhanced bioavailability and clinical support with California Proposition 65 compliance makes ESC® the ideal natural calcium source.  Calcium from eggshells has been clinically proven to help support bone density.


Kosher and Halal Certified

NEM® and ESC® have both attained the Kosher Certification.  Kosher Service is Orthodox supervision helping to provide every consumer with rabbinic guidance, serving the increasing and expanding demand for reliable, valuable, informative coverage of edible foods, beverages, confectionery goods, pharmaceutical and preventive care products and their packaging. It allows consumers to select items from shelves with confidence in their choices.

NEM® and ESC® are certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America.  Receiving the halal certification requires specific sanitation procedures to be followed when obtaining and processing ingredients.  Halal certified ingredients are preferred because of their perceived quality and health benefits.